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Inguinal Canal And Spermatic Cord

  1. From your knowledge of the attachments of the abdominal wall muscles:
    (a) What is the position of the deep inguinal ring in relation to the inguinal ligament?
    (b) The deep ring is a hole in which fascia?
    (c) What muscle makes the immediate lateral border to the deep ring?
    (d) What two muscle lie immediately anterior to the deep ring?
    (e) What blood vessel lies just medially to the deep ring?

  2. We see that there are two muscles anterior to the deep ring to give it strength and protection. What two muscles lie posterior to the superficial ring for similar purposes?

  3. Concerning the boundaries of the inguinal canal
    (a) The floor is the ligament
    (b) The roof is curved fibres of the muscle and the . muscle
    (c) The lateral third of the anterior wall is the oblique and the oblique. More medially the anterior wall is the .... oblique only
    (d) The posterior wall is fascia and the tendon


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