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               Aiding learning in human anatomy

The Author
Robert Whitaker My name is Robert Whitaker and I spent my clinical career as a paediatric urological surgeon. Having retired from surgery, I now teach clinically applied topographical anatomy to medical students in Cambridge, UK. I also teach clinical anatomy to surgical, radiological and other speciality trainees. I am a past examiner for the MRCS at the English and Edinburgh Colleges of Surgeons.

This Website -
When I relearned anatomy 25 years ago I made notes and drew diagrams which are the basis for this website and the associated apps. Over 25 years, students have found them useful and I want to share them with all those people interested in anatomy. There are tips, mnemonics and lists of questions to bring out the relevance and basic principles. In order to keep the site a reasonable size the quality of the images has been slightly compromised but for those who want better images and hundreds of relevant questions and answers for revision and self assessment purposes we have produced a subscription site. We have been happy with the feedback in the guest book. Please keep telling us what you like and dislike on email -

Other Anatomical Teaching Material
Instant Anatomy We published a book called INSTANT ANATOMY which is quite separate and not related to the website. It is anatomy in dictionary format which has proved popular and has been published in English, Polish, Chinese, Greek, French, German, Portuguese, Belgian and Korean. Click on the book icon to see more about the book and some sample pages. Look up the median nerve in most books and the index shows it in the axilla, upper arm, forearm and hand. In INSTANT ANATOMY you find all the information on a single page. We are proud of sections on muscles, cranial nerves and particularly on autonomics which students tell us they never really understood until they read this book! Have a look yourself.
Robert H Whitaker MA MD MChir FRCS FMAA
April 2015

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