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Topics in Focus

TIF1 - The Skull foramina and their contents

TIF2 - Horner's versus an Oculomotor Lesion

TIF3 - The Visual Pathways

TIF4 - The Eye Movements

TIF5 - The Pupillary Light Reflex

TIF6 - The Near Reflex

TIF7 - The Cortical Control of the Cranial Nerves

TIF8 - Localising Facial Nerve Lesions

TIF9 - An Algorithm for Determining the Nerve Supply of Muscles in the Head

TIF10 - The Parasympathetic Supply of the Head

TIF11 - The Rules and exceptions in the Head and Neck

TIF12 - The Types of Ganglia

TIF13 - Accommodation & Pupillary Constriction

TIF14 - The Chorda Tympani

TIF15 - The Greater Petrosal Nerve

TIF16 - The Lesser Petrosal Nerve

TIF17 - The Principles of "Hitchhiking" of Autonomic Nerves on Cranial Nerves

TIF18 - Tabulated Parasympathetic Pathways in the Head

TIF19 - The Sympathetic Connections between the Spinal Cord and Sympathetic Chain

TIF20 - The Sympathetic Chain in the Neck

TIF21 - The Sympathetics to the Pupil and Levator Palpebrae Superioris

TIF22 - The Cranial Nerves from the Brain to Foramina

TIF23 - The Cranial Nerve Nuclei and Fibres

TIF24 - Abdominal Autonomics and Referred Pain

TIF25 - The Flexor Retinaculum and Carpal Tunnel

TIF26 - The Inguinal Canal

TIF27 - The Brachial Plexus

TIF28 - Abduction of the shoulder

TIF29 - The Blood Supply of the Heart

TIF30 - The Surface Markings in the Thorax

TIF31 - The Vertebral Levels of Structures

TIF32 - The Blood Supply of the Stomach

TIF33 -The Foramina of the Base of the Skull from Below

TIF34 - An alternative aide memoir for the Skull Foramina

TIF35 - Dermatomes: An Overview

TIF36 - Multiple Choice Questions on the Upper Limb

TIF37 - The Autonomic Connections in the Head

TIF38 - The Bones of the Hand and the Foot

TIF39 - Revision MCQs on the Lower Limb

TIF40 - Revision MCQs on the Lower Limb part 2

TIF41 - Revision MCQs on the Lower Limb part 3
Essential Revision Lectures

Upper Limbs

UL1L - Shoulder Region, Dermatomes & Myotomes, Upper Arm And Elbow Region

UL2L - Forearm, Vessels & Lymphatics, Axilla & Brachial Plexus

UL3L - Nerve Injuries

UL4L - Hand & Wrist

Lower Limb

LL1L - Principles of Joint Movement Hip, Nerves, Arteries and Lymphatics

LL2L - Thigh: Muscles and Femoral Triangle, Myotomes and Nerve Lesions

LL3L - Knee and Popliteal Fossa, Lower Leg

LL4L - Ankle and Foot, Spine and Vertebral Column


TH1L - Surface Anatomy, Thoracic Inlet

TH2L - Trachea, Bronchi and Lungs, Mediastinum, Oesophagus and Diaphragm

TH3L - Imaging and Chest Drainage, Referred Pain


AB1L - Surface Anatomy of Anterior Abdominal Wall

AB2L - Inguinal Region, General - Mesenteries - Development

AB3L - Intestines Biliary System

AB4L - Referred Pain, Posterior Abdominal Wall

AB5L - Urinary System

AB6L - Pelvis and Rectum

AB7L - Genitalia and Prostate, Gluteal Region

Head and Neck

HN1L - Intracranial Haemorrhages

HN2L - Cranial Nerves

HN3L - Autonomics, Skull, Face, Scalp, Parotid

HN4L - Nose and Oral Cavity

HN5L - Neck: Fascia, Thyroid, Larynx

HN6L - Orbit and Eye

HN7L - Pupil, Pharynx

HN8L - Ear, Temporal, Infratemporal and Pterygopalatine Fossae

New In Depth Lectures

ID1L - Skull Foramina

ID2L - Nerve Lesions in the Upper Limb

ID3L - Lower Limb in Depth

ID4L - Thorax in Depth

ID5L - Upper Limb in Depth part 1

ID6L - Upper Limb in Depth part 2

ID7L - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the Flexor Retinaculum

ID8L - Clinical Anatomy of the Abdomen

ID9L - Clinical Anatomy of Genitourinary, Pelvis & Perineum

ID10L - Vascular Supply to the Intestines

ID11L - A Comparison of Upper and Lower Limbs

ID12L - The Order of Structures on the Ventral Aspect of the Wrist

ID13L - The Ethmoid Bone


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