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Female Reproductive System

  1. The normal description of the uterus is
    (a) Retroflexed and anteverted
    (b) Anteflexed and retroverted
    (c) Anteflexed and anteverted
    (d) Retroflexed and retroverted

  2. Are the following statements true or false?
    (a) The broad ligament does not enclose the Fallopian tube
    (b) The ovary is suspended on the mesosalpinx
    (c) The lateral edges of the broad ligament become the suspensory ligaments of the ovary
    (d) During pregnancy the uterus is no longer covered in peritoneum

  3. Apart from the uterine artery from the internal iliac, which other artery contributes to the blood supply of the uterus and where does it originate?


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