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Instant Anatomy Paper Model of the Inguinal Canal
  • Simply print out this PDF file on to a sheet of A4 paper or thin card that will fit easily through your printer.

  • Cut out the superficial and deep rings as indicated.

  • Then fold it carefully and accurately as directed on the three solid lines and the one dashed line to make a box-shaped tunnel.

  • Staple at both ends of the tunnel so that the words "STAPLE" are still showing.

  • Follow the lines of the muscles to understand the structure of the inguinal canal.

Note that when you push your finger through the deep ring there is both internal and external oblique anterior to it. Similarly, the two layers of the conjoint tendon are posterior to the superficial ring.

(Acknowledgement: I am grateful to the teaching staff of the Anatomy Division at St George's University, Grenada for the basic idea of this model)

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                        Inguinal Canal

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